Zahora and surroundings lend themselves to a long list of activities that will be happy to inform you.
If you want to book an activity before your arrival, please contact us.

  • Excursion Tarifa-Tangier

    Short trip to Tangier

    Short trip to Tangier. It is a fascinating Moroccan city to visit. Interesting history, beautiful views, pristine beaches and friendly people. Visit the Kasbah, Zocco and the modern city. Ships from Tarifa to Tangier every day; the journey takes only 35 minutes.

  • Cycling routes

    Cycling routes

    Routes offer a perfect combination of sports, relaxation and adventure, in an ideal environment with a temperate climate. With bike tours along the coast with secluded coves and long beaches and cliffs where you can enjoy the magnificent views of Africa.

  • Horse Riding

    Horse Riding

    If you enjoy nature without noise or interruptions of the city, horseback riding will be your favorite sport. These routes are very well thought out and designed to make the most of this experience.

  • Kitesurf

    Kitesurf in Los Caños de Meca

    Caños de Meca is one of the highlights for kitesurfing locations. Next to the lighthouse of Trafalgar, when blowing up, surfers take their kites and are an impressive sight to see.

  • Windsurf

    Windsurf in Los Caños de Meca

    High winds from east and west coast walking this offer enormous possibilities for lovers of this sport. The beaches of Faro in Caños de Meca, are unique scenarios where started in this exciting sport.

  • Diving

    Divers in Trafalgar

    We are in one of the most idyllic and pristine enclaves that still can be found in Spain, a coastline of outstanding quality, with very different beaches and beautiful clear for maximum enjoyment of this activity waters.

  • Whale watching

    Whale watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

    The Strait of Gibraltar is forced to pilot whales, killer whales, sperm whales and dolphins that change the cold Atlantic waters by the warm Mediterranean sea passage. Hop on one of the whale boats from which you will live an unforgettable experience.

  • Hiking

    The cliffs of Barbate, La Breña

    Take a tour from the "Yerbabuena Beach" in Barbate, to Caños de Meca beach across the Breña Natural Park bordering the "Tajo de Barbate", a spectacular near vertical cliff that reaches 100 meters above sea level .

  • 4x4 Routes

    4x4 in Yerbabuena Park

    The 4x4 routes are open to all people who love nature, of any age and physical condition. It is an affordable way for everyone to learn and enjoy the scenery in different seasons.

  • Paintball

    Paintball in Zahora

    Paintball field near Conil. Paintball is an outdoor sport where you combine exercise, contact with nature, strategy, team play and above all adrenalin and humorous at the same time managing to eliminate stress.

  • Golf

    Golf Novo Sancti Petri

    Golf Novo Sancti Petri with its 54 holes is one of the largest and best equipped golf courses in Europe. A secret that is sure to soon have a guaranteed place in the local and European golfers. Find out.